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shungaisart - 1740 - Shunga woodblock print book - Torii School - Rare Book - Tengu oral sex - 60 Pictures

1740 - Shunga - Torii School - Rare Book - Tengu oral - 60 Pictures

SKU : dyt3912

Authentic Edo period original, c.1740, Japanese erotic art shunga woodblock print picture book attributed to a member of the Torii School.  Shunga picture book measures approximately 15.4 cm x 10.6 cm closed.  A very thick book with 60 shunga picture pages enclosed covering various themes:  Tengu oral sex, gay sex (the last photo shown here), angry, passionate, jealous lovers, shrine coitus, Awabi diving girl sex on the beach, etc.  The remaining 18 pages of the book are kanji text pages.  Very good impressions and decent+ condition with some cover wear and wear inside the book, along with some soiling.  The gay picture, which is the sixtieth and last picture of the book, has one ink spot on it, but the rest of the pictures do not.  No backing for the pages.  Of course, not all of the shunga pictures are shown here.  Please see and judge from photos.


This is a rare, thick, original 1700s Japanese shunga woodblock print picture book loaded with an abundant amount of great erotic artwork!  


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