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shungaisart - 1770 - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Koi - Carp - Naito Toho

1770 - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Koi - Carp

SKU : kyu280

Original & Very Rare Japanese Hand-Painted Hanging Scroll (Kakejiku) of a Koi (Japanese carp) jumping out of the water.

Date:  c.1770-1780 

Artist:  Naito Toho, 1728-1788.  He was a samurai and painter from the mid-Edo period.  Born in 1728, in the 13th year of the Kyoho era, he was a samurai from the Owari Nagoya domain.  He was good at painting in the Kano school style and collaborated with Yokoiya Ariu.  He was also excellent in calligraphy and poetry.  He passed away on August 5th, in the 8th year of the Tenmei era at the age of 61.  His given name was Masamitsu, and his courtesy names were Betsuni Tōho and Asauemon; his pen names were Kansui and Kuchian.

Description: 100% genuine & authentic original kakejiku (hanging scroll) from 1770-1780 feudal-era Japan.  Fantastic hand-painted artwork on silk (this is not a print nor machine copy) of a koi leaping into the air, attempting to scale a waterfall (in hopes of becoming a dragon, if successful).


Condition is good for its age with just a bit of wear.  Please see and judge from photos.


Size of entire scroll:  144 cm x 41.5 cm

Size of picture only:  67 cm x 33 cm


Scroll comes with its signed wooden box.


This exquisite Japanese hanging scroll is a stunning original work of art that beautifully captures the allure and symbolism of the koi, a revered symbol in Japanese and Asian culture.  Moreover, it alludes to the legendary tale that if a koi successfully scales the falls, it transforms into a dragon, a powerful symbol of strength and transformation.


The rich history and folklore surrounding the koi make this piece a remarkable representation of Japanese art and culture.  As a revered symbol, the koi is often associated with perseverance, endurance, and success, and its image can be found in many forms of traditional art, including paintings, sculptures, and pottery.


This original silk painting by Naito Toho, a samurai and painter from the mid-Edo period, is a rare find and a testament to the beauty and elegance of Japanese art.  With its impeccable brushwork and delicate attention to detail, this piece is truly a magnificent work of art that captures the magic and mystery of the mythical koi legend.





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