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shungaisart - 1817 Japanese lacquerware - urushi - Gorgeous Black Butterfly Box

1817 - Japanese lacquerware - urushi - Black Butterfly & Peony Box

SKU : gal739

Authentic Edo Period, dated in kanji on its original wooden storage box, Bunka era, 14th year (1817) Japanese hand-made lacquerware (urushi) box.  Said to be originally used as a serving dish/tray for snacks.

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original lacquerware box in solid black lacquer adorned with peony flowers and butterflies.  Fantastically hand-carved artwork and still in very good condition for its age.  Please see and judge from photos provided.  No cracking to note of, only a few tiny lacquer chips on the interior lips of the box.


Size of lacquer box:  9.5 cm high x 17.9 cm wide.  With top removed, the interior measures 16.3 cm wide.


Wooden storage box measures 23 cm x 22 cm x 12.5 cm high.


A wonderful antique piece of lacquerware from feudal era Japan!  The handsome blackness of the lacquer complemented by the charming and meticulous artwork give the piece an almost crocodile-leather-skin look to it.  No doubt, it would make a stunning decorative fixture to the home or office.



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