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shungaisart - 1820 - EIZAN - Shunga woodblock print - Three Female Voyeurs

1820 - EIZAN - Shunga - Three Female Voyeurs

SKU : kur4561

Authentic Edo period original, c.1820, Japanese erotic art shunga woodblock print picture by Kikugawa Eizan  (1787-1867).   Eizan was a highly respected artist during his time and was influenced by a number of great artists including his friends Utamaro and Toyokuni I.  Not to mention, he was the founder of the highly-esteemed Kikugawa School of artists and the teacher of another great ukiyo-e/shunga artist, Keisai Eisen.


From the series:  Princess Ansomi Volume 1

Shunga picture measures 22 cm x 26 cm.


Very good colors and impressions.  Condition is fair with some wear and soiling.  Please see and judge from photos.


A great original shunga woodblock print picture by the founder of the elite Kikugawa School of ukiyo-e artwork.  In this shunga scene, an amorous couple behind a partially closed shoji (Japanese sliding door) are being spied upon by three female voyeurs.



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