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shungaisart - 1860 - Japanese culture encyclopedia - woodblock print picture book

1860 - Japanese Culture Encyclopedia - Picture Book

SKU : loi351

Date:  Original, 1st edition woodblock print picture book from the Edo Period, Manen era, 1st year, 1860.

Various writers, notably six famous poets who contributed to numerous Japanese poems and songs throughout.  


Description: 100% genuine & authentic Japanese woodblock print picture book from the end of feudal era Japan, the Edo Period, 1860.  Virtually every Japanese custom & tradition are covered in this giant e-hon (picture book), including karuta (the New Year's card game), ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), poems, songs, o-hanami (cherry blossom viewing), origami (Japanese paper folding craftwork), numerous ceremonies including tea ceremony, myths & legends, landscapes, Japanese gardening & landscaping, castles, clothing & tailoring, Japanese art, lacquer ware, calligraphy, etc.


Condition is very good with some wear and soiling, while just a few pages have very minor ink smudging.  Please see and judge from photos.


Size of the woodblock print picture book closed:  25 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm thick!!!  


A huge antique Japanese woodblock print picture book based on Japanese culture with numerous pages of artwork and detailed explanations of the cultural topics elaborated upon.


A very rare & culturally sensitive book illustrating the many interesting customs and aesthetic details that make the world of Japan what it is renowned for - its precision & beauty!



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