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shungaisart - 1867 - Yoshiiku - Samurai Warrior - Japanese woodblock print - Kuniyoshi School

1867 - Yoshiiku - Samurai Warrior Woodblock Print

SKU : art858

Authentic original Edo Period Yoshiiku Japanese Woodblock Print Picture

Artist:  Utagawa YOSHIIKU ( 1833-1904 ), a pupil of the revered, Kuniyoshi Utagawa

Date:  Edo Period, Keio era, 3rd year (1867)

Signed:  Chokaro Yoshiiku ga

Publisher:  Hirooka Kosuke

Title of series: Taiheiki eiyuden (Biographies of the Heroes of the Taiheiki) 

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original samurai warrior woodblock print picture from 1867.  Excellent colors and impressions!  Condition is quite good with some minor wear and a few small repairs on reverse.  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of woodblock print picture:  24.6 cm x 18.2 (Chuban size)


A classic samurai warrior woodblock print by Yoshiiku and one of the better pictures from this series, illustrating that charismatic bravado, fight-to-the-death-at-all-costs temperament so beloved by warrior print connoisseurs!



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