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shungaisart - 1868 - Kunichika - Samurai Woodblock Print - beheading - demonic people

1868 - KUNICHIKA - Samurai Woodblock Print - Beheading

SKU : jpg838

Authentic original Meiji Period Kunichika Japanese Woodblock Print Picture

Artist:  Kunichika Toyohara (1835-1900)

Date:  Early Meiji Period, (1868)

From the series:  Mirror of Demonic People, Good and Evil

Description: 100% genuine & authentic original Japanese woodblock print picture from the early Meiji Period.  Great colors and excellent impressions!  Condition is very good with only a trimmed top border to note of (there are no side nor bottom borders in this series).  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of woodblock print picture:  23.1 cm x 34.4 cm (Oban size)


Simpy an awe-inspiring original 1868 Japanese woodblock print picture!  In this scene, one of the demonic ruffians - who appears stark mad due to his crossed eyes - is in the act of beheading an adversary who definitely had the upper-hand sporting the musket, but ...


Would look stunning framed (in the office/man cave)!



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