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shungaisart - SUPERB - 1870 - Utagawa - Shunga - Trick Picture - Shikake-e - penetration

1870 - Utagawa - Shunga - Trick Picture - Shikake-e - Booklet - Cheating Woman

SKU : lil518

Authentic latter Edo period/early Meiji period Japanese shunga erotic art woodblock print trick/toy picture booklet (shikake-e) c.1870 by a member of the Utagawa School.  The booklet measures 12.5 cm x 9 cm closed, and 18 cm x 12.5 cm when opened fully.  The nude female figurine measures 7.5 cm from top to bottom and 5.5 cm at her widest point, while the male figurine measures 8.5 cm high from top to bottom and 5.3 cm at his widest point.  Great colors and impressions and superb condition for this set of figurines & booklet!  No backing.  Both male & female figurines even have front and back sides.  Please refer to photos.  There is a slit cut into the female's vagina, so the male figure can insert his manhood.  And of course, a slit in the wall, as well.  


Extremely rare Japanese shunga shikake-e booklet set!  Not to mention the great storyline:  the male figure (whom the cheating woman is having an affair with) inserts his penis into the hole in the wall on page one, while the female figure notices it and inserts it into her vagina on page two.  And then there's the secret panel which opens afterwards, revealing her jealous lover catching her in the act.  Truly sophisticated and a one-of-a-kind shikake-e!  Without a doubt, a gem piece of shunga art!


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