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shungaisart - 1900 - Keishu - Shunga woodblock print - Japanese erotic art - Wetting Fingers - young woman

1900 - Keishu - Shunga - Wetting Fingers

SKU : ano2225

Authentic Meiji period, c.1900 original Japanese erotic art shunga woodblock print picture by Takeuchi Keishu (1861-1942).  Shunga picture measures 18.7 cm x 12.3 cm.  Great colors and impressions!  In addition, the elaborate & deluxe printing technique, bokashi shading, is also used here to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Japanese erotic artwork.  Superb condition with minimal wear!  No backing.  Please refer to photos.  


A great shunga woodblock print picture of an older man wetting his fingers for his much younger female partner.


Takeuchi Keishu may not get as much recognition as his brethren counterparts of the Meiji Period, Tomioka Eisen and Ikeda Terukata, but of course, all three artists are considered the 'Big Three' in regards to Meiji Period shunga.  Yet, Eisen and Terukata tend to get most of the accolades.  Terukata is definitely a great artist and one of my personal favorites from that period, but Keishu's commissioned and thus, immaculate deluxe shunga series, Hazakura (Leaves of the Cherry Blossom), rivals any and all shunga artwork put forth during Japan's imperialistic era - no matter the other artist!  Click here to see some of the fantastic shunga artwork from the Hazakura series.  






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