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shungaisart - Classic 1820 SHIGENOBU Japanese shunga woodblock print - Mosquito Net

Classic 1820 SHIGENOBU Japanese shunga woodblock print - Mosquito Net

SKU : snn182

Authentic Edo period original, late 1820s, Japanese shunga woodblock print picture by Yanagawa Shigenobu (1787-1832).  From the shunga series, Yanagi no arashi (Willow Storm).  Large, Oban-sized picture measuring approximately 38.8 cm x 25.6 cm.  Very good colors and impressions.  Condition is excellent, a true museum-quality piece, not only in regards to its condition but scarcity, as well. A tiny tear out of the bottom right of the picture, otherwise, virtually blemish-free antique erotic artwork!  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos.


About this scene from the series:  "A man with two women under a mosquito net; one appears to be asleep.  The effectiveness of this composition is achieved through the contrast of the exposed foot and the screen jutting out from the lower right-hand corner with the area of green created by the gossamer-like mosquito netting."  Excerpt from Japanese Erotic Fantasies, Chris Uhlenbeck and Margarita Winkel.  




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