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shungaisart - KUNIYOSHI - Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book - Samurai Warriors - Taikoki Eiyuden

KUNIYOSHI - Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book - Samurai - Taikoki Eiyuden

SKU : kon72416

Original and rare, Taisho Period Kuniyoshi Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book (Ehon)

Artist:  KUNIYOSHI  UTAGAWA (1797-1861)

Date:  Taisho Period, 6th year, 1917 

Publisher:  YOSHIKAWA Kobunkan

Title: Taikoki Eiyuden (these are woodblock print re-strikes after Kuniyoshi's famous series from the Edo Period)

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic woodblock print picture book from the Taisho Period.  Very good colors and impressions.  LOADED with great samurai woodblock print artwork!!!  There are pictures on every second page.  Approximately 50 total pictures and a very thick book!  Condition is very good with some wear and soiling.  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of woodblock print picture book (closed):  24.5 cm x 16.8 cm x 1.8 cm thick


This is a fantastic woodblock print picture book full of classic Kuniyoshi samurai artwork, many of which are highly entertaining action scenes.  Would make a great addition to any samurai aficionado's library, or to the fan of Japanese history, or any Kuniyoshi devotee!

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