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shungaisart - Meiji Period Original - Japanese hanging scroll - kakejiku - fierce tiger

Meiji Period Original - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Fierce Tiger

SKU : tak300

Original Meiji Period Japanese Hand-Painted Hanging Scroll (Kakejiku), c.1860 - 1880


Artist:  the artist is unknown, however it is an artist of the Nanpin School (Nagasaki School), which was formed by Chinese painter Shen Quan (1682–1760) upon his arrival in Nagasaki, Japan, 1731.


Date:  from the Meiji Period, c.1860 -1880

Title of ink brush painting:  "Fierce Tiger"

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original kakejiku (hanging scroll - this is not a print nor machine copy).  Behold this remarkable ink brush painting crafted in the beloved Nanpin/Nagasaki style.  Capturing the essence of the Asian Tiger in all its grandeur, this superb scroll is a testament to the artistry of the the Nanpin/Nagasaki School of art.  The tiger's noble presence and intricate details make it a true marvel for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Condition is good for its age with some general wear to note of.  Please see and judge from photos.


Size of entire scroll:  189 cm x 71 cm

Size of picture only:  126 cm x 55.5 cm


There isn't a box for this scroll.




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