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shungaisart - Mizukami Taisei - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Kakejiku - Autumn Plains - SKULL - Halloween - goth

Mizukami Taisei - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Kakejiku - Autumn Plains - SKULL

SKU : kyo807

Original and very rare, Meiji/Taisho Period Mizukami Taisei Japanese Hand-Painted Hanging Scroll (Kakejiku)

Artist:  Mizukami Taisei (1877-1951)

Date:  early 1900s 

Title of the scroll:  Akino (Autumn Plains)

About the artist:  Mizukami Taisei was a highly esteemed and well-recognized artist during his lifetime.  As such, later in his career he was actually in charge of selecting Japan's next up-and-coming artists during the major national exhibitions.  His specialty was bird and flower artwork.  

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original kakejiku (hanging scroll).  Fantastic artwork with deep rich colors that really bring out the autumn feel of the painting.    Condition is quite good with some light foxing in some areas.  A striking work of art that truly captures the eeriness of the autumn night on the plains, enhanced by the moon, rustic colors of the fall, and of course, the morbid skull.  Would even make a great Halloween decorative piece!  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of painting only:  113 cm x 33 cm

Size of entire scroll:  185 cm x 47 cm

Comes inside its original wooden box, also signed by the artist.



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