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shungaisart - RARE - 1840 - Kuniyoshi - Shunga Toy Picture - Japanese erotic art painting - trick picture set

RARE - 1840 - Kuniyoshi - Shunga Toy Picture

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Authentic and very rare original Edo period Japanese erotic art shunga woodblock print trick/toy picture (shikake-e) c.1840 by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861). 


There are three total pieces included, first being the toy picture case, which measures 19.5 cm x 8.2 cm.  Then the Japanese beauty herself, which measures 19.3 cm x 6.4 cm.  And finally the higozuiki-wrapped phallus, which measures 8.5 cm long (yes, finally I can brag!) and over 3 cm wide at its largest point.  


A very rare shunga toy print set in great condition with only minimal wear!  Both the Japanese beauty and the phallus have artwork on both sides.  Front and back of the phallus show it's higozuiki-wrapped penis, and on the reverse side of the Japanese beauty there is some kanji text at the top detailing her pleasure, and at the bottom you actually get to see inside the vagina during penetration.  Really, quite a remarkable piece of shunga artwork when you take into consideration its age and context!


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