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shungaisart - Rare - 1874 - Kunichika Toyohara - Bloody Samurai - Bloody Handprints - Banzuiin Chobei

Rare - 1874 - Toyohara - Bloody Samurai - Bloody Handprints

SKU : yam319

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Authentic original Meiji Period Toyohara Kunichika Japanese Woodblock Print Picture

Artist:  Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900)

Date:  Meiji Period, 7th year, 1874

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original samurai warrior picture by Toyohara from 1874.  Excellent colors and impressions, as well as some deluxe printing techniques shuch as gauffrage (a mild type of embossing on his robes), and bokashi shading (the deathly blues on his face)!  Good printing and preservation, though backed with paper, and with a small missing part on the lower left corner.  Please see and judge from photos.


Size of woodblock print picture:  24.1 cm x 35.7 cm, Ōban tate-e (large vertical print)


Includes the notable "bloody handprint" motif, adding a dramatic touch to the already intense scene.


This piece showcases excellent printing quality and has been well-preserved.  It depicts the ferocity and drama of the fatally-wounded, famous samurai pictured, Banzuiin Chobei.  In this awe-inspiring scene, Chobei makes his last stand as he drinks water from a small wooden bucket while covered in blood and a spear shaft stuck into his thigh.


Perfect for framing and displaying, this print offers a vivid glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Meiji-era Japan, as well as the bloody-samurai-warrior genre.



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