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shungaisart - Rare - Black Persimmon Wood Carving - Buddha Head - Original Japanese Art

Rare - Black Persimmon Wood Carving - Buddha Head

SKU : gal811

Original & authentic Taisho/Showa Period (early 20th century) Japanese hand-carved wooden Buddha head; a gorgeous decorative piece made from the highly cherised Black Persimmon wood.

Artist:  Unknown

Date:  Taisho/Showa Period (early 20th century)

Description:  A captivating Japanese hand-carved wooden Buddha head, skillfully crafted from Black Persimmon wood.  This intricately carved sculpture stands at a height of 13.5cm, a diameter of 10.5 cm, and weighs 660g.  The dark brown to black color of the Black Persimmon wood adds a sense of elegance and spiritual significance to this piece.  Its smooth and fine grain showcases the craftsmanship involved in its creation.  This Buddha head embodies the qualities of wisdom and enlightenment, making it a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing addition to any collection, sacred space, or even living room/office decor.  Despite minor signs of wear and age-related dirt, this carving remains in very good condition.  Please see and judge from photos.


Presenting a remarkable piece of Japanese artistry, this wooden carving showcases the cultural and aesthetic significance of Black Persimmon wood.  The use of Black Persimmon, renowned for its dense and durable qualities, holds deep-rooted meaning in Japanese culture.  Symbolizing strength, longevity, and elegance, this wood carries a sense of wisdom and spirituality.  Highly valued for its dark brown to black color and fine grain, Black Persimmon has been traditionally employed by skilled craftsmen for centuries.  In this carving, the rich hues and attractive grain patterns of the wood breathe life into the artwork, creating an exquisite piece that evokes a sense of reverence and tranquility.


Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary representation of Japan's artistic heritage and the profound significance of Black Persimmon wood.




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